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Nokia 800C

GLOBAL – This has been quite a week for the Nokia Lumia, and we’ve given you blow by blow coverage on Conversations. On April 8th the Nokia Lumia 900 will go on sale in the U.S. for a mere $99.99. The world’s biggest mobile market – China – got a great smartphone and the first CDMA Windows Phone – the Nokia 800C. And, a Nokia Lumia 800 software release brings some big improvements.

Well, you know what we’ve said about those topics (We’re excited) But what have you been saying? Take a look at the rest of the Web to find out:

Nokia Lumia 900 news

One of our favourite stories to come out of this week’s news is written by Christina Bonnington at Wired and entitled Nokia Kicks Off U.S. Campaign With Low-Priced Hardware, Fresh Apps.

Naturally, Christina talks about the bargain-basement price, as she puts it, but goes into further detail on Nokia’s (re)arrival in the U.S.

All eyes are on Nokia as it begins its stateside device roll-out. And the company is dropping its flagship device with a bang.

A bang for your buck? Is this the bang she’s referring to? We’d like to think so, anyway.

The product launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S. will be a big one. It’s possibly AT&T’s biggest launch, according to David Pierce over at The Verge.

Take a read of their story to see what they’re doing for the launch. Plus, there’s plenty of comments for you to read through and contribute to, if you wish.

Roger Cheng at CNET gives his readers some more insight into what smartphones Nokia currently holds in the U.S., and compares it to the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T.

With a deal of $99.99, the Nokia Lumia is super-cheap, Andy says:

It is one of the most affordable flagship products AT&T has ever sold.

If that’s true, we hope to see you down at your local AT&T store on April 8th.

Nokia 800C news

Nokia’s launching great new Lumia phones in another big market too. China is about to get the Nokia 800C, making it the first CDMA Windows Phone in the region.

TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden covers the launch of the Nokia 800C and goes into some extensive details about the Chinese market and how tough it is to crack.

However, Ingrid thinks Nokia has a very good chance, saying that Nokia’s pricing of the Nokia 800C puts it well below competitors.

Jon Russell is the Asia Editor for The Next Web and he’s covered the news of the Nokia 800C, too. Living in Bangkok, he has a grasp on the technology market in Asia and feels that it’s certainly possible for Nokia to take a hold in the Chinese market, stating that:

Though initially it is just launching one device, the introduction of other Lumia devices will help Nokia reach a multitude of consumers at differing price points

Nokia Lumia 800 software update news

Talking about the Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia 800C is all well and good, but they’re not available yet. For those of us who currently own Nokia Lumia 800, the newest software update brought some big upgrades, including one that gives a huge battery boost.

Updating to the new software is advised, even if you think your phone doesn’t need it. The Verge‘s review units have all been perfectly fine, according to Sam Byford, and they’ll be updating and giving keeping us all informed of the situation when they receive the upgrade.

Dante Cesa from Engadget picked up our news and has also published details about the update. As usual, there’s plenty of comments for you to get stuck into.

Have you updated your Nokia Lumia 800 software?Are you looking forward purchasing your Nokia Lumia 900 for less thatn $100. Or, are you living in China and can’t wait to get your hands on the Nokia 800C? Use the comments section below, to let us know.