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 GLOBAL – Learning improves everyone’s life, and that’s why Nokia services and partnerships are transforming the education and skills of millions of people around the world.


Now learning isn’t limited to sitting in classrooms, listening to teachers and reading text-books; it’s just one-click away via Nokia Life Education services on Nokia mobile phones.


Nokia Life Education Services:


Nokia Life Education services provide a suite of education and lifelong services for people at every stage of their lives.


You might be a teenager using Nokia Life Education services to swot up on study tips or prepare for an exam– and then share what you’ve learned with your peers or friends. Or you might be a mother helping your children with their homework.


If you want to improve your skills later in your life, maybe by preparing for a job interview, improving how you handle your finances, finding out more about current affairs and the world, or learning English you can use Nokia Life Education services to get all the information and advice you need. 


New Nokia Partnerships:

To bring locally relevant, superior quality information, knowledge and skills to people via Nokia Life Education services, Nokia has been working to build and grow an ecosystem of knowledge partnerships with private and public organizations.


Nokia Life in China

All Nokia Life Education services are supported by knowledge partnerships with renowned and reputed organizations such as British Council, Gamatechno, Primagama, Beijing No. 4 Middle School, EnableM, 3WC, EzVidya, YouthReach, HDI, Sygma, and others.


Most recently Plan International (Plan) and Foundation for Social Change (FSC) have partnered with Nokia. Plan and FSC have vetted and accredited the content of the Life Skills service of Nokia Life which is an acknowledgement of the superior quality information & knowledge people receive via Nokia Life services.


Plan International is an NGO that works in more than 50 developing countries around the world to promote children’s rights, and help lift children out of poverty. Plan has made a strong strategic commitment to combat exclusion through measurable results, broader reach and collaboration.


The Foundation for Social Change works in emerging economies to help private enterprise turn social responsibility into a successful business model – and is focused on empowering women and girls.


Partnering with Nokia and making available quality information to millions of people is a good example of implementing Plan’s & FSC’s strategy in action.


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU):

Nokia’s partnership with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is the first of its kind in open & distance education. People in India will be able to learn and qualify for IGNOU’s Certificate in Functional English programme through their mobile phones using Nokia Life. Nokia has already been working with IGNOU on an ongoing pilot in the three states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

Nokia Life will now offer a certified programme in learning functional English across India. Users who enroll in the program, apart from the course material from IGNOU, will also receive content in their local language on their mobile phones to complete the course using Nokia Life. 

OU learning

The Indira Gandhi National Open University has two million students enrolled in more than 150 programmes across India, and offers courses at every level up to doctorate through a network of distance learning and regional study centres. Partnering with Nokia is a part of their strategy in action around mLearning.  

 Nokia Life is today the world’s largest life and livelihood improvement services suite for youth & young adults. Apart from education, Nokia Life offers services in a range of topics in health, agriculture, entertainment & spirituality. Apart from information and knowledge, this subscription based SMS service suite also provides for interactive experiences like share, poll and ask-an-expert. Nokia Life is currently available on Series 40 and Series 30 mobile phones in India, China, Indonesia and Nigeria. Over 50 million people have experienced and benefitted from Nokia Life services already.