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March 30, 2012

Nokia N8 camera – how does it match up with the competition?

It’s back, the Steve Litchfield All About Symbian camera contest match up showdown shootout – this time pitching Nokia’s best (until the 808 PureView reaches our hands), the N8, against the Sony Xperia S.

via All About Symbian

He shares some typical (if you call taking photos of your TV aerial typical – just kidding) snaps and does his usual excellent job at comparing the two devices’ cameras. There is a marked difference in the two when it comes to taking a snap from standby mode – the Sony Xperia S seems to only need a push of the camera button and the picture is taken, the N8 needs to be ‘woken up’. That said, though, ‘the N8 walks all over the Xperia S when it comes to the test that counts: photo quality’. Which is all one commenter had to read before he made up his mind about the winner of the comparison. Steve goes in to detail about the relative merits of the Nokia N8 and fails of the Sony Xperia S (and illustrates his points perfectly with zoomed in crops of the photos. His fanaticism keen interest in the topic is evident when he discusses just why each image is good or not, but if all the talk of pixel density, artificial sharpening and noise artifacts is a little too technical, you can always look at the pictures like this one with your eyes and see the differences (N8 on top, Xperia S below):

So, what’s your opinion of the Nokia N8’s camera power? Have you taken any images of your TV aerial you can share? That’s a joke, of course, but we always love to see your Nokia-snapped photos @Nokia_Connects.