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April 1, 2012

As cold as (Nokia) ice

In Nokia’s Finnish heartland, ice and snow are just as much part of the everyday fabric of life as bread and butter. Which is why Nokia have been working long and hard on taming the elements to create an all-new and ground-breaking device: the Nokia Ice.

‘What’s that?’ I hear you say. ‘A phone made of ice? No way!’ Yes way. Water is one of the world’s most conductive materials, and ice – as frozen water – isn’t far behind. So the science behind a phone made of ice isn’t as out-of-this-world as it may first appear.

“Nokia has its roots in Finland, a land full of ice and snow. Having tried to understand this material for centuries, we’ve finally managed to tame it. It’s a true triumph of man understanding nature.”

Personally, I just can’t get over the sheer amazingness of having a block of ice in my hand that I can make calls from – though I wonder if your ear would get too cold after a while…

Everything is explained by Nokia Conversations in their post announcing the new technology. The new phone can even be charged by placing it in the freezer. Just imagine – no more messy wires or USB cables, you can charge your phone and look for that ice cream you know you bought and must be hidden somewhere in the freezer all at the same time! If that isn’t a technological revolution, I don’t know what is!

What do you think of Nokia’s new ice-cool technology? Would you buy a phone made from ice? Let us know @Nokia_Connects.