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April 1, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 – the children are the future

A sharp pencil (never blunt, Thomas!), a ruler and a lined exercise book, that’s what was important when I was in school (and still is now I am writing at Nokia Connects, kind of) – my, how times have changed!

via Digital Versus – more of that later

As reported by Surur at WMPoweruser, Singapore’s Ministry of Education is extremely forward-thinking (more so than my former Grammar School) and has kitted out whole classrooms full of kids with Nokia Lumia 710’s. In order to keep pace with the ‘fast-changing and highly connected world’ and to ‘enhance the development of 21st century competencies’, Nokia has partnered with Microsoft and others to create MyDesk. Pupils now have the ‘potential to dramatically improve educational outcomes’ by collaborating with each other through the ‘always on’ technology both inside and outside the classroom instead of being lectured to by the teacher – a many-to-many approach as opposed to one-to-many education delivery system. Well worth a quick watch:

But how does the Lumia 710 perform in the hands of a grown up? Enter Florence Legrand and her (translated) review. Highlights from her words include:

  • ‘sound quality is excellent … and the volume goes loud enough so that the voice on the other end sounds clear even when you’re in a noisy room.’
  • ‘Intuitive [and] simple to understand.’
  • ‘flawlessly responsive.’
  • There are minor quibbles such as the lack of expandable 8GB memory, but overall Florence has great things to say about the Nokia Lumia 710.

    Are you a fan? What do you think of kitting out classrooms with Nokias? Would you like to see the same programme in your country? Let us know in the comments, or share your thoughts @Nokia_Connects.