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April 3, 2012

Nokia Asha 302 – 'noble and ambitious'

Always striving to bring you the very latest, Nokia Connects has an article hot off the virtual press today, where the Asha series (specifically the Nokia Asha 302) is examined as a ‘saviour’ in Indonesia.

via Fone Arena

The question that Denverino Dante raises on the Jakarta Globe pages is whether the Asha 302 has the chops to wrestle the ‘cool’ Blackberrys out of the hands on the teens in his country. One way in which it can do so is by presenting a ‘swift and affordable’ mobile internet experience, and by teasing users away from illegal music downloads with Nokia Music.

Perhaps another feature that would woo those tempted by other fruit is the camera of the Asha 302, as Vasishta Nagalla explains in his review. Whilst acknowledging it’s no N8, he says that the Asha 302 ‘packs in plenty of tools to have fun with photos’. For what is considered an ‘entry-level phone’, the camera features are ‘very good indeed’.

Someone else who has recently pitched in with thoughts on the Nokia Asha 302 is Steve Litchfield, who reviewed the phone in his Phones Show 164 (well worth a watch – the Asha review begins around 6:26 in):

Lots of people with lots to say about the Nokia Asha 302, there. But what about you? Have you got one in your pocket right now? What do you think of the phone? Let us know @Nokia_Connects, or you could always drop your thoughts in the comments box on your way out…