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April 4, 2012

App madness – news and reviews

It’s that time of the week at Nokia Connects where we take a look at what people are downloading from the Marketplace and Nokia Store, and what they think of their choices – I’m talking, of course, about the world of apps.

via China Daily

Today’s the day that the Nokia Conversations App Madness bracket ends, and the winner is….I’m not going to spoil that! I’ll let you head over and take a look for yourself. In other bracket news, however, Nokia scored a great win in the final (OK, admittedly, it was kind of a win-win final).

In completely obvious app news, as reported on China Daily, research shows that rich people don’t really play games or tweet on their phones, but are much more likely to buy travel or finance apps. It seems those who earn $150,000 or more really don’t have time to work out the gravity of space and how it will affect a cartoon bird fired from a cartoon catapult. Probably too busy counting their money.

So now to an actual review (‘Finally!’ I hear you cry) – and the symbianapps video of the WRC Live app.

Highlights from the commentary include:

  • I love the user interface…if I was a rally fan I’d use it daily
  • It’s a really great app
  • Fast app that doesn’t lag

So there’s your weekly app report. Got anything to add? Any app reviews of your own that you’d like to see featured? Drop me a line in the comments or @Nokia_Connects (with #NCAppReport) and I’ll feature some or all of your suggestions next time around.