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Keanu on the Nokia 8110

ESPOO, Finland – If you’re a history buff like me, you now have an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Nokia’s colourful past through Facebook. Personally, I wouldn’t mind looking at this every day (I mean the specially modified Nokia 8110 – I hardly noticed Keanu Reeves).

Facebook recently rolled out mandatory Timeline for all brand pages. In case you’ve spent the last few months in outer space and don’t know what Timeline is, it’s a new page design that shows a complete summary of a person’s – or in this case a brand’s – activities and status updates from the very beginning.

Down at the Nokia mill

Nokia’s social team has been busy documenting the company’s long history in Timeline. It all started in 1865, when mining engineer Fredrik Idestam set up a wood pulp mill on the banks of the Nokianvirta river.


Timeline lets you familiarize yourself with Nokia’s old phones, like Mobira Talkman, which was one of the world’s first transportable phones – weighing in at just under 5kg.

In addition to browsing through products, you can chuckle at some very retro-looking advertising, or even find out what happened when an elk visited Nokia’s HQ in Espoo in 2011.

Nokia’s Facebook followers can also post their own pictures on Timeline and share memories of their favourite phones.

Have you already located your beloved old phones from Timeline?