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Nokia Lumia 900


 SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – The Nokia Lumia 900 launch is just around the corner and we can’t wait to see what people will do once they get their hands on this phone. Let’s walk through some of the possibilities of how you could put the Lumia 900 to good use. 

Think about the new things you could do if you had a next-generation phone with a high quality large display, blazing fast 4G LTE connection, and a stunning camera that is able to snap amazing photos and shoot high quality HD video.

That’s what using the Lumia 900 is all about.

Dress to impress

First of all, let’s talk about the design. The Lumia 900 is crafted from a single piece of color-infused polycarbonate and houses a fantastic vibrant 4.3″ ClearBlack Display. Every detail reflects the quality craftsmanship of this elegant, sturdy design – like how the glass molds seamlessly into the side of the unibody shell.

Unlike other phones, the Lumia 900’s ClearBlack AMOLED screen means blacks are dark black and colors literally pop off the screen. The screen loses no sharpness in direct sunlight.

Photos and even text look stunning when shown on a display of this quality, and the Lumia 900 has the largest display of any Nokia phone to date.

The Nokia Lumia 900 will be the first phone that can utilize AT&T’s cutting edge 4G LTE network for blazing fast download speeds faster than many home broadband connections. It’s so fast that you can easily download a movie or TV show on the go, and thanks to the built-in hotspot capability you can tether it to your computer.

Add this to the phone’s super fast 1.4Ghz processor to make for a smooth, fast experience while surfing the web or using the built-in apps such as Nokia Drive or Local Scout. 

Let’s switch gears to the camera on the Lumia 900. The 8 megapixel shooter is also capable of also shooting HD video. What gives the camera on the Lumia 900 the edge is that it features a Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens that delivers amazing clarity and focus. Last month, we told you why we think Nokia’s partnership with Carl Zeiss is so important. 

The Lumia 900 also has a front-facing camera a wide aperture, which means pictures will be sharp and video calling is supported, right out of the box.

Amazing, everyday apps you will love

What makes a smartphone, well, smart? Its ability to connect you with the information you need right where you are, right now.

The Lumia 900 will have a suite of exclusive apps:

  • Nokia Drive, which turns your phone into a turn-by-turn GPS navigation device.
  • The amazing ESPN sports hub that serves as your place to turn for news, videos and sports analysis.
  • CNN’s app for Windows Phone that provides breaking news and Live Tile updates.
  • A new Univision app that brings personalized, Spanish language content to the Nokia Lumia

What’s your favorite aspect of the Nokia Lumia 900?  How might you use the amazing display and lightning fast 4G network?