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April 5, 2012

Nokia Belle – tips and tricks

Never let it be said that here at Nokia Connects we don’t bring you all the tricks of the trade, and today is no exception – a couple of hints for you on new tweaks (and/or stuff you’ve already tried) for your Nokia running Belle.

via MyNokiaBlog

First up is a new app for your Belle-powered phone, and one that may be familiar to you if you’ve ever handled a Nokia N9SwipeUnlock. Izzi from Nokia4US has made a video showing exactly how it works (you swipe to unlock) and all the settings available:

Another video here showing the imaging options on a shiny pink N8 toting Nokia Belle. My languages aren’t quite what they should be, but the commentary in Thai or Malay isn’t the important thing here – the on screen demo is – changing the flash options, mode and colour tone.

So what I’ve done here is craftily left the door open for you guys to come up with your notes, reviews, thoughts on Nokia Belle. Just drop me a line in the comments or at @Nokia_Connects.