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April 6, 2012

5 Yoga innovations for people who don't do Yoga

So, yeah, it’s not every day I get to write about yoga poses, but today is my lucky (?) day – I’m going to take a look at how yoga is making its way into day-to-day life and reflect popular culture – you’ll see where I’m going.

All images in this post via TrendHunter

1. ‘May the pose be with you’ – Master Yoga

I chose this first pose to ease you into the concept (see also Vader Yoga). Here in Vancouver, yoga is an obsession with about 100 different versions available. None yet (that I have seen advertised) are Star Wars yoga. But it’s possible, as evidenced by the image above – I can see other poses such as the ‘Light sabre twist’ and ‘Jabba sit’ (that one would be particularly easy).

2. Flexi-yoga

Just because you are at work doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in the odd pose. I’m doing one now. The work culture is now so endemic in our daily lives that many people don’t have the time they used to to visit the gym or the yoga studio. So why not do it at your desk? Probably the embarrassment factor. And explaining to your boss that the presentation will be finished just as soon as you manage to pick yourself off the floor.

3. Airport yoga

Not entirely sure who would take advantage of this, but SFO airport (San Francisco for those of you who haven’t been there) offers a Yoga Room. So you either turn up for your flight in your stretchy pants, or take another change of clothes in your hand luggage. And build in the ‘yoga time’ to your travel plans. Nope, not for me. Might de-stress someone having a crazy day though. Maybe.

4. Yoga gaming

There are shooting games, dancing games, sports games, puzzle games and….yoga games. Yes, you put in the game, then promptly lie on the mat. Presumably the mat can sense whether you’re lying down correctly (and I’m also assuming that there are more taxing poses than simply lying flat on your back). Fine if you can’t make it to the yoga studio, or don’t want anyone else to see you flexing…

5. Yoga cats

You knew it was coming, so I saved it for last. Cats that do yoga. Or at least briefly strike yoga poses for as long as it took for the photographer to capture it. Not really a lot to say about that, really, other than cats can do yoga. Really.

So does any of this tempt you to take up the yoga? Not even the poses you can do from your chair? Try it, you might like it. And let us know of any injuries you incur @Nokia_Connects.