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LONDON, United Kingdom – The Nokia Lumia family has been growing over the last few months, particularly with the addition of the Lumia 900 and 610. It’s great to see so much exposure and feedback about each model, in particular on the range of colours available.


But what is the most popular colour?

With this question in mind, we decided to hit the streets of London and quiz some willing citizens on their favourite Lumia colours. For the test, we sampled the Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan and the Lumia 610 in pink and white.

Starting at Old Street roundabout, we interviewed journalist Jamie out getting his lunch. When presented with the white Lumia 610 he was thrilled: ‘The silver trim is great; really catches my eye. A really classic look.’ 


We ask if he thinks it’s sexy. “Definitely sexy! I think all these colours are bold, vibrant and risky, but the white 610 still excites me the most.” 

That’s one vote for the white Nokia Lumia 610. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

Further along Old Street, we meet designer Corrie and intern Natalie. Corrie openly admits she prefers bigger phones. 


“For my purposes, a bigger screen equals greater visual capabilities whilst travelling. The 900 is my kind of phone, and I love the blue! It looks good with my shoes.”

Natalie however prefers pink, “I’m a girly girl and pink is by far the most attractive.”

Votes all around then. We decided to change tact and chat to some people in suits, hoping for a different reaction. Strolling along Fleet Street, we asked a young barrister’s clerk called Luke which of the three colours he preferred.


“Blimey! What a range, I like the blue as my last two phones have been blue, but my favourite has to be the silver. Oh sorry it’s white! Even better. It’s quite a striking look. I’d definitely go with white.”

Accountant Remi chooses pink: “Ohhh now that’s a colour I like. I’m a sucker for pink, and that’s a cracking design. White is too funky for me; pink suits my personality.” Her friend Maleah disagrees, “you’re wrong! White is the best, that silver trim really catches my eye. Pink just wouldn’t suit me.”


White clearly is the punter’s favourite. Venturing back towards Farringdon, we stumble across American intern Jamie, who is delighted by the whole range. 

“It’s great to see such a vibrant selection of colours. I’ve rarely seen seen so many colour options for a phone! If I had to choose, the blue or white would be my choice. Perhaps I could have blue with white trim?”


So there you have it, the white Nokia Lumia 610 is the punters’ choice, regardless of age or gender. People remarked that the silver trim blended well with white. It’s perhaps not surprising that pink had some staunch female fans. Cyan, on the other hand, was a firm favourite with the creative types. 

As mentioned before, it’s all down to personal choice. Design journalist Jenny Winterburn, says it goes like this: “For me the colour of my phone reflects my personality. White is too loud and pink is too girly. Blue is a happy medium, and suits my easy-going nature.” 


What’s your favourite Lumia colour?

Tell us in the comments below.

photographs by Ian Dewsbury