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April 7, 2012

App Report – news and reviews

I asked, and I received – a ton of suggestions for the Nokia Connects App Report debut, so without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have this week (imagine a ‘beep-beep-beep-beeeep’ soundtrack in your head, as if these are news bulletins or something).

via All About Symbian (see below for more)

First up, the CNN app is captured on video by prasanthblog who walks us through the various aspects on an X7…with one of the best voiceovers for a video I’ve ever heard!

Simple, to the point, and he even roped in his robot friend to help. Just what we’re looking for here at the #NCAppReport.

Nokianesia also covered news of a news app recently, with their post on the Nokia Reader S40 release from Nokia Beta Labs.

Their post includes all the features of the app, and a launch video showing it in use – showing the ‘battery friendly previews’ and the ‘push notifications’ to get all the latest news as it happens. The app is available from the Beta Labs now.

Time for a bit of gaming, and David Gilson has regaled us with an excellent ‘Top 5’ over at All About Symbian. I’m not sure if this is the first in a series, but if it is, let there be more like this Top Five Symbian Role Playing Games! And another excuse for me to include a screenshot from a role-playing game…

I’m not familiar with Crusade of Destiny, but I’d guess avoiding being stung by the massive wasp would be a wise strategy

It’s a great round up of the AAS team’s favourite games that see you ‘running through forests to battle beasts with nothing but a wooden sword and tin shield’. Top work.

Someone has been busy. That someone is gvsvids who has produced a veritable plethora of videos showing the gameplay of various games available for phones running Nokia Belle and Symbian S60v5, including The Adventures of TinTin and Mobile Bowling. Admittedly these videos are just screen captures, but they show all the aspects of what you can expect from each game (the improvement in the bowling technique, for instance, shows how easy it is to improve). Good stuff.

Follow the faithful Snowy to the meet the Boss

A couple of more editorial piece to end with this week. Firstly from ZDNet’s Andrew Brust who puts the business apps of the Nokia Lumia phones up against the competition. He mentions the ‘a superior core platform experience’ and the extensive comment stream is well worth a read.

via ZDNet

And we finish with an impassioned plea from Dani who wonders where Instagram for Nokia Lumia Phones is. It’s all about the filters and her ‘love love love relationship’ with the app (as opposed to a love/hate, I guess) as far as she’s concerned.

Do you agree with Dani? Or Andrew? Have you got another role playing game to add to David’s list? Got any reviews that I should be including in next week’s Nokia Connects App Report? Let me know in the comments or by tagging a tweet with #NCAppReport.