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April 8, 2012

The Big Debate: Matching colours

Happy Easter and welcome to our holiday version of the Nokia Connects Big Debate. By holiday version I mean; it takes place over the Easter Holiday period, we are not going to be debating where it is best to take your holiday, although, if you have any tips feel free to share them with us.

The Big Debate: Matching colours

So, we’ve noticed recently that a lot of people have been talking about matching the colour of their phone, and or accessories, to the colour of their wallet, key ring, clothes, car and whatever else they fancy…

via smashpop

While it’s great to be able to match colours, isn’t it also great to mix and match and go a bit rainbow style? Some of you may know that I own a magenta N9 and although I love the colour of the phone and wouldn’t change it for the world, I really don’t think you’d see me wearing a magenta Nokia Purity HD stereo Headset to go with it. Not because I don’t like it… I just think that a black headset would do me fine when I’m out in public.

The only thing I have that matches my magenta N9 is my pink N8, I don’t own any magenta or pink clothes so that’s as far as that goes. I’d probably use a black accessory with any of my colourful phones but down below we have a string of people who have the complete opposite idea.

Now I’d like to know if you mix and match or match everything, let us know in the comments section. Also if you have any pictures of your phones and accessories matching anything else don’t be shy and drop us a tweet @Nokia_Connects. Happy Easter! #NokiaDebate