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April 9, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #14

Wow, MMSM is 14 already and that number has a special resonance with me – it was my nickname on my university lacrosse team (something to do with looking young, I didn’t see it myself) and has become a recurring theme in my life (think roulette, lottery picks and seeing it everywhere).

via Bookcase To Heaven


It’s the Holy Grail for photographers (along with a proper shot of fireworks) – the lightning pic that captures the moment of a strike with the electricity straddling the sky. And that’s just what Roch Hart managed to snap. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie!

via Huffington Post

The reason this made me smile? The fact that I have been there, trying to get a photo like this, usually getting soaked (while ensuring that my Nokia N8 stays dry, of course), and always ending up in the #FAILClub – for someone to capture it like this is a true achievement.


This guy made me smile perhaps more than anything else this week. Kuha’o is a 15-year old piano player. He listens to a tune once and replicates it perfectly on the piano. Note for note. And he’s only been playing for 3 years.

Oh, and he’s blind.

Quite simply amazing! The only thing that made me frown about this was the ‘commentary’ in the background from the assembled family and friends. I guess they see it every day, but seriously, in the presence of brilliance like this, just be quiet for 5 minutes! Thanks surfwyoming5 for this.


Seems to be quite the popular theme during the past week, but ‘Sites that are massive now had they been invented in the 1980s/1990s’ have been bombarding my RSS. Squirrel Monkey has been busy, and been picked up by the Huffington Post (Twitter) and Gizmodo (Facebook – see below)

Love these! Made me smile a lot. Only because I remember the days when this seemed like the future.


A (cartoon) alien just flew over the pier near my house (yeah, I live by the ocean, jealous much?)!! To prove it, I ran inside and snagged the picture below from Nokia Maps.

Seems the satellites were right over my place when it happened. That was lucky. I bet they were right over yours too 😀


Quick Grins

Bored of banner ads? Blast them into oblivion!

Now March Madness is over, is this the best dunk ever?

Chess + robots – it’s a win-win!

Mr. Sulu, take us to warp speed while I sit in this chair of awesome.


Your Grins

Some of your comments from last week that made me smile:

Emma GeralnMy failed attempt to make a fruit loaf yesterday! 😀

Ashley Drake Gephart – Renewing our wedding vows for our 18th anniversary via Google+ hangouts. 😀

srivatsanFirst year anniversary of Team India’s World Cup win

Mary E Haight – Things that made me smile: Found a suit I forgot I had; my dog faked me out with his squeaky toy on April Fools Day [laughed out loud]; some fabulous photos on FB made me smile; cleared a long-standing source of tension with a friend; and your amusing post!

Get your comments in now and they may be featured in next week’s MMSM. What’s been making you smile this week? What’s the funniest thing you saw/witnessed/made happen? Your best chance of getting in is by leaving me a comment below, but I’m not going to rule out your chances if you drop me a line @Nokia_Connects with #MakeMeSmileMonday in it.