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April 9, 2012

Nokia N9 unboxings – Duel!

Regular readers of Nokia Connects will know that I have something of a thing for unboxings (no idea why), and bring them to you whenever I find one worth sharing – and today I have something of a Nokia N9 unboxing duel.

via Finest Daily – the N9 is fine

First up is what I like to call a ‘pure unboxing’ – one guy’s hands pulling items from the box to a driving dance soundtrack. oWONTEKo doesn’t fail to deliver in this regard:

For those of you who prefer commentary and opinion in their unboxings, ambandla has a look at the Nokia N9 for you. Highlights to look out for include:

  • ‘minimalistic design
  • ‘ergonomically fits in the hand’
  • ‘pretty easy for single-handed operation’

What do you think of these unboxings? Prefer a commentary or not? Have you seen any unboxings you think I should take a look at? Drop me a link in the comments section along with your thoughts on the Nokia N9. Or send your opinions to us @Nokia_Connects.