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April 10, 2012

Social Innovator of the Week: Selina Limman

Time again on Nokia Connects to bring another Social Innovator to your attention, Selina Limman – all round young-trepreneur (it’s a word!) and founder of Urbanesia.

via Tech In Asia (Selina’s on the right)

We’re all about bringing aspiring innovators to your attention and Selina definitely falls into that category. To best understand her start up – Urbanesia – I turn to Tech Chomp for a quote:

‘Urbanesia blends mobile and social nicely, with business listings and user-generated content (UGC) for lifestyle and everyday needs, combined with location-based search for users to discover relevant content.’

That puts it a lot more concisely than I could ever manage. She gives the people of Jakarta a chance to have their say on their city and aggregates it all in one place. For our readers in Indonesia, here’s a video where Selina explains how Urbanesia came about, and how it runs day to day:

via auliaatmacdotcom

Selina has the ‘go ahead’ attitude we like here at Nokia Connects – as shown in an interview last year:

‘Most directories only have “official businesses” like restaurants but not hawker food, shops in mall but not independent and young designers’

She very much sounds like our kind of person!

Pretty impressive for one so young! Has it inspired you to get out there and create? Let us know.