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April 11, 2012

Nokia Asha round up

So much Nokia Asha news to cover today, so I’m going to bring you a true Nokia Connects digest of the best posts I have found.

via Tech Prolonged

First up is the Nokia Asha 300 and a review from Puneet Tyagi on Tech&Fun. There’s a full rundown in the ‘review style’ (design, look and feel, OS, camera, battery etc.) and some of the highlights include:

‘sturdy glossy looks’
‘the interface was well designed and faster touch responsive’
‘surf the internet lighting fast speed’

Vasishta Nagalla of My Nokia Tweet fame has produced a prodigious post taking a look at the pre-loaded games that come on the Nokia Asha 302. Now this post has to be praised for its brevity (each game gets a short, succinct paragraph), but also for its depth as I felt everything I needed to know was covered. This is a style of post I could read again and again.

The Hindu Business Line also has an Asha review, this time of the Nokia Asha 303 which Ketaki Bhojnagarwala dubs

‘the mother of all feature phones’

Strong stuff indeed. This is backed up by a review, though, that takes in the newly redesigned S40 interface that now ‘mimic[s]’ Nokia Belle, and Ketaki was also a fan of the integrated social networking. Worth a read if you’re in the market for ‘the best feature phone out there’.

As a bonus, here’s a proper unboxing video of the Nokia Asha 300 from advicesmedia:

Good work!

Have you got any Nokia Asha words or pictures to share with us? What do you think of what the guys above said? Let us know in the comments or drop us your thoughts on Twitter.