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The Nokia Lumia 900 is finding its way into plenty of hands right now, and naturally those proud new owners have been sharing their thoughts with their friends and readers – and here at Nokia Connects we always like to share that info with you (our friends and readers).

via IntoMobile

First up is Marin Perez of IntoMobile, who has posted one awesome-long review of the phone. I think it covers all the bases pretty well, from build quality to camera to OS to battery life (your standard set, in other words). The detail and opinion are worth noting though, for his insights such as his ‘minor beef’ with the way the SIM card is inserted, and his very positive thoughts on the feel and build quality of the phone:

‘the company still knows how to make high-quality phones. The look, feel and polish of the Lumia 900 are right up there with any high-end smartphone.’

It’s a very balanced look at the Nokia Lumia 900, and well worth a read if you’re looking to join the growing band of owners.

For a look at how it measures up with the competition, Alerio has a hands on comparison with the iPhone 4S. There are a few tests, but as Kevin points out, they could have been carried out in a different way. The video concludes with the Lumia 900 being hailed as ‘the right phone to get’ if you’ve been waiting for the right hardware to try Windows Phone.

And an unboxing picked almost at random from the panoply available:

via CrowdGadgets

Seen enough? Want more? Got your own thoughts to share with others? Let us know in the comments or @Nokia_Connects.