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Max and the Magic Marker

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States -The Nokia Lumia 900 is on sale now here in the United States and Canada and new Lumia owners are looking for amazing apps for their new smartphone.

Our March Apps Madness is full of good suggestions for those seeking new apps, but what about the gamers? Well, Microsoft and Nokia are pleased to announce amazing sale prices on leading game titles in the Marketplace.

There are some amazing titles in the mix, including two of my favorites, Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp and Burn the Rope. The best part about this promotion is that the following list of apps are available for just 99 cents! 

Here’s a full rundown of the apps on sale:

Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp

Doodle God

Max and the Magic Marker, Special Edition

Burn the Rope

Angry Birds

de Blob ®™


Why are these awesome games on sale? Because Nokia wants to make sure new Lumia owners have amazing games on their new phone.  I’m excited about the games and have bought most of the titles above so I can entertain myself when I have an idle moment.

Check out the games above and let us know which is your favorite!