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April 12, 2012

Hello and welcome to your new Nokia Connects!

We’re excited to announce some amazing changes. We’ve been keeping a new look site under wraps for a few weeks now, but today you get to experience a new way to pick up the latest news and insight that will hopefully inspire you to do amazing things! Take some time out to explore, read, respond and enjoy!

As you browse through the site you will see we have introduced three new categories to make the discovery of content more intuitive: Tech, Creativity and Innovation. You will also discover a diverse range of content from other sources that will further enrich the site offering – all remaining relevant, accessible and fun.


The traditional back-bone of Nokia Connects – the place to find inside information about your Nokia device and the Nokia family as a whole. The Tech section will include your usual dose of future technology, product Q&A’s, reviews, competitions, events and much more.


It’s all about stimulating, creative content, focused on experience. We want to see your home grown creativity but we also want to give you the opportunity to experience and be inspired. Experiences are what shape us and add sparkle to our lives. We look forward to bringing you big and small adventures around design, photography, art, culture, style and fashion in this space.


Championing the people who are at the heart of innovative projects across the web, in the digital and physical world. We are talking about the budding entrepreneurial individuals and teams who are developing answers to world challenges, undertaking sustainable social projects and coming up with amazing ideas.

Along with a few social sharing updates, you will also be able to subscribe to specific content category RSS feeds or get the full mix. The choice is yours.

We hope you find ample inspirational stories on the newly refreshed site!