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Lumia 900 black and blue


Sunnyvale, CA, United States – Last weekend, people in the U.S. were able get their hands on the Nokia Lumia 900 as it went on sale at AT&T stores and also online with Amazon. Within hours the Nokia Lumia had hit the top of Amazon’s best seller charts and four days later is still sitting there. This new phone is selling like hotcakes at Amazon. After a busy weekend, AT&T are continuing to sell these online and in their stores.

Shopping direct with AT&T is one option, but going through is another. Since sales started, the Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T in Black has held the number one spot in the Best Sellers in Cell Phones With Service Plans list. And the Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T in Cyan has been sitting comfortably at number two.

Amazon bestsellers

Both phones are also topping the best rated chart, receiving a load of five star reviews and the positive customer feedback just keeps rolling in. One lengthy review from Kevin R. Struck describes his new black Nokia Lumia 900 as:

“The best phone I have ever used”

And then went on to say:

“This may be the phone that gives Microsoft and Nokia the push they need to become a contender.”

As for the cyan coloured Nokia Lumia 900, Paul shared this:

“Simply put, the hardware is stunning! The phone has quickly become one of the proudest items I own,as the cyan blue catches my attention every time I look at it.”

Paul then finishes with this:

“Nokia and Microsoft have teamed up to create a user experience that really blows me away. At $100 or less with a service plan, it would be hard to compete with the Lumia 900. Good work Nokia & Microsoft and looking forward to future devices!”

Sales aside, we had Nicki Minaj shutting down Times Square over the weekend, and soon the cyan and black Lumia 900 will be joined by a stunning high-gloss white version beginning April 22nd. 

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