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April 12, 2012

Weekly Regional Spotlight: USA – launch of the Lumia 900

The spotlight was beaming brightly on Times Square in New York this week. The location for a spectacular display of people, lights, visuals and music for the launch of the Lumia 900 with Nicki Minaj! Nokia Connects were in and amongst the crowd with some US community members to celebrate this once in a lifetime event in style.

Here is a pictorial journey of how the whole day unfolded….

On the 5th of April a giant blue box landed in Times Square with a countdown timer on it!

The box was drafted in to celebrate the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the US market. Nobody knew what was inside the box, why it was there or what would happen when the timer finished.

Nokia brought nine community members from the US along for the ride. Blissfully unaware about the evenings festivities they were given Lumia 900 device packs and inside each pack was a whole host of Nokia goodies, including their very own bespoke countdown ticket!

Each of the ticket timers were in sync with the timer on top of the giant blue box. Now all they had to do was wait! It was a huge secret who was coming up on stage (let alone whether the box was a stage or not!) so we had to wait right up until the last minute to give everyone their very own signed Nicki Minaj Lumia 900! Who doesn’t love two surprises for the price of one….

Now, if you’ve not seen it yet, here is a little video summary of the whole evening. Nicki came on stage and represented her home town of New York in style. After her performance there was a another surprise for the rest of the crowd.

What did you think of the Lumia 900 launch? Let us know below or @Nokia_Connects.