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April 13, 2012

13 ways to avoid being unlucky on Friday 13th

Uh oh, it’s Friday the 13th. I’m probably casting bad luck upon myself just by writing this post, but hey it’s worth it if some of you avoid bad luck on this historically unlucky day. Before I delve into my top 13 superstitious clad tips for avoiding bad luck I think it’s only right I explain why Friday the 13th is shrouded in mystery.

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The truth is, there is no definitive answer why this day is unlucky. There are many different perspectives, so many in fact that I think I could write a book about them. After conducting some research in the area I found hundreds of assorted explanations and came to the conclusion that it depends on where you are from in the world, which religion you belong to and how superstitious you are.

I personally think that Friday the 13th is a mental state of mind, if you strongly believe that bad luck will find you on this day then chances are it probably will! Here are my top 13 tips for staying safe, many of these I sourced from friends and work colleagues but I’m a firm believer in some of them.

Throw salt over your left shoulder – just make sure you don’t do it into someone’s eye!

Black cats crossing your path – avoid at all costs, if you own a black cat I would be worried right now!

Don’t break a mirror – this doesn’t just apply to Friday the 13th, you are looking at seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror.

Wearing your shirt inside out – plus you would look pretty stupid.

Seeing an owl during daylight – you certainly won’t be having a hoot if this happens (I’m here all week)

A bat flying into your house – this is a bit ridiculous (please let me know if this has happened to you before though!?)

Never put new shoes on a table – this is a strange one, I love resting new shoes on stuff because I know I’m not going to get anything dirty, but I hate it when people rest their feet up on my coffee table! Gives me the rage….

Don’t walk over three drains – this needs no explanation, just do it, I urge you.

Putting a hat on a bed – sling it on a hat rack, it’s much more fun (mind you who has hat racks these days?).

Don’t walk under ladders – well would you enjoy a ladder falling on your head? I thought not.

Salute a magpie if you see one –  I’m not sure you’ll come across a magpie today, but if you do, you know what to do.

The number 666 – I felt really bad writing that number, the devil could be paying me a visit tonight.

Opening an umbrella indoors – you could have one ella ella ella eh eh of a bad time coming your way.

How do you avoid bad luck? Are you addicted to doing any of the above everyday? Let me know below or at @Nokia_Connects . I wish you all the best of luck for today, you will all be fine.




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