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Nokia Lumia 900

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States– Now that you’ve opened the box of your Nokia Lumia 900, and have become familiar with your new phone, there are some useful and down-right entertaining accessories to enhance your Nokia experience.

How about some suggestions that will let your phone rock whether you’re on the go or in your home? Let’s dive right in.

Nokia Soft Cover

Nokia Soft Cover

The Nokia Lumia 900 is constructed of high-quality polycarbonate construction. However, drops are unavoidable when you own a mobile phone. Even though the Lumia 900 is one tough cookie, those who want to preserve the perfectness of their new smartphone will want to check out the Nokia Soft Cover.

This soft rubberized case adds nice shock protection to the back and sides of the Lumia 900 without adding excess bulk. The case, made by Nokia, allows for easy access to all of the Lumia 900’s ports and buttons without getting in the way. Also, they match the color of your new Lumia 900 perfectly. In fact, on my 900, folks can’t even tell I have a case on it until I point it out, which is rare in the land of mobile phone cases.

Nokia Purity HD Headset By Monster


The Nokia Lumia 900 is a music lovers’ dream. For me, I am constantly utilizing Spotify on my Lumia 900 to satisfy whatever musical mood I happen to be in. 

For the audiophiles reading this, I present the Purity HD Headset By Monster. This headset comes through a partnership between Nokia and Monster, the high-end audio company we’re all familiar with here in the States. The Purity HD Headset comes in black, white and cyan and matches the Lumia 900 perfectly.

With on-board microphone and call controls no the headset, you can also handle calls in addition to rocking out to your tunes. You can easily find Nokia Purity HD Headset By Monster is available for sale at your local AT&T store.

Nokia Play360° Wireless Speaker

Nokia Play360 Wireless Speaker

If the Purity HD Headset is for rocking while on the go – the Play360° Wireless Speaker is for when you want to get your music loud and present while at home. This Bluetooth enabled speaker also matches the color of your Lumia 900, whether you have matte black or cyan (picking up on the theme, yet?) and sounds absolutely terrific.

This highly engineered speaker system pumps out omnidirectional sound so no matter where you are in the room with the Play360, your audio sounds amazing. On the Play360, you can control volume using the + and – buttons on the device.

The Play360 Wireless Speaker connects via Bluetooth – and using NFC if your phone supports it – and through a standard 3.5 mm. cord. The speaker also features a battery for up to 20 hours of rocking out when you can’t find a power outlet.

Which accessory will complete your Lumia 900 package?  We look forward to seeing your must-haves in the comment below.