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April 13, 2012

Week in Pictures #6

In Emanuelle’s absence I will do my best to step into her shoes and do this week justice – via the Nokia Connects Friday medium of pictures.

via, fittingly, Bored Panda

1. Panda-flage

In celebration of the pandas in Edinburgh zoo and the attention they got recently, I found the photo above. Maybe if they had been this camouflaged Tian Tian and Yang Guang would have done what they were meant to. I mean, all those people watching them on the special webcam must have put some pressure on. Have you spotted why the snap is called camouflage (there’s a bunch more if you want to play Spot The Guy)?

2. Stanley Cup

While the cat’s away…I’m going to take the chance to highlight the Stanley Cup playoffs and the fact that I couldn’t find any pics worth highlighting except this one from my hometown Vancouver Canucks (conveniently). Made of canned food. Such charity must mean we’re going to win, right? Right?

via Vancity Buzz

3. Amazing Background

Submitted by Mandeep, this N8-snapped photo is a front-runner in the #AmazingBackground contest for this week. Normally I’d advise against shooting directly into the sun in any circumstance, but the slightly wispy clouds seem to have negated the disadvantages, and set off the silhouettes nicely. Good one, Mandeep!

via Mandeep


Browsing the listings for London (as I do from time to time, to see what I’m missing), I came across this picture of Cirque Mandingue, a Guinean troop of acrobats who perform without safety wires. Billed as ‘non-stop mind-bending feats of break-dance acrobatics’ that use props such as a ‘scaffold pole and a car tyre’. Sounds great, I’ll look out for them when the tour continues. In the meantime, great photo.

via Daily Telegraph (with image accreditation to Milan Szypura)

5. Nicki Minaj launches the Nokia Lumia 900 in New York

To round off a great week, a snap of Nicki Minaj in Times Square last week as she launched the Nokia Lumia 900 in the U.S.

via Nokia Conversations

Have you taken any photos with your Nokia that you’re proud of this week? We’re always keen to see what you’ve managed to snap, so drop us a gallery link in the comments, or let us know on Twitter and we’ll maybe include them in a future posts.