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April 14, 2012

App Report: News and reviews

Time now, dear readers, for the Nokia Connects App Report, a digest of all that’s hot (and none that are not) in the apps world.

via All About Windows Phone

An app review I couldn’t miss out of a round up is the analysis of Ultra Fill from Steve Litchfield over at All About Windows Phone. When a review starts with the words ‘What do you get if you cross Tetris with Angry Birds with Breakout?’ it kind of picks itself for the App Report. I’m not going to spoil all of Steve’s thoughts, I’ll let you have a read for yourself, but it sure looks like a fun game (and is available from the Marketplace).

On now to a suggestion from Vishwas who tweeted us using the #NCAppReport tag to bring his review of Blob (a Symbian app for Google’s Blogger platform). It’s a thorough review and highlights some key features of the app, such as layout, design and usability:

  • ‘a pleasure to see the way font size settings were implemented’
  • ‘what impressed me most was the rich text editor with bold, italics, underline, strike through, link, paragraph break and embed image options.’
  • ‘I’m more than impressed with the functionality of Blob’

Thumbs up from Vishwas for Blob, then.

Moving on, to a video review of Newsy on the Nokia N9 by MeeN9Blog:

Love the brevity of his review, while still keeping the salient facts in mind. He has also reviewed Word Tiles recently for any wordsmiths out there.

News-wise, it was reported recently on SymbianOne and elsewhere that Nokia and Microsoft are investing in an AppCampus at Aalto University in Finland. It has been set up ‘to foster the creation of innovative mobile applications for the Windows Phone ecosystem, and in addition, Nokia platforms, including Symbian and Series 40, to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups.’

So, have you got anything to add on the world of apps this week? Let me know by using #NCAppReport on Twitter and I’ll do my best to include it in next week’s App Report. Until then, app safely.