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Nokia Lumia 900 Black

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States– Earlier this week, we announced that we discovered a memory management issue with the recently launched Nokia Lumia 900 that could, in some cases, lead to loss of data connectivity.

We promised a software fix for April 16th but today, we’d like to share with you that the update is already available – three days ahead of schedule.

You can apply the update right now through Zune for Windows.


Do you have a Mac? Not a problem, just download Windows Phone 7 Connector.

Consumers are still able to switch out their Lumia 900 for an updated Lumia 900 in an AT&T store if they’d prefer. And, of course, the $100 credit offer will remain in effect through Midnight PST on April 21st.

For additional details and technical support, please visit