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April 16, 2012

NFC Infographic

We’ve decided to put together an NFC treat for the Nokia Connects community! Below is an NFC infographic that illustrates how the technology is currently being used both inside and outside of Nokia. The Near Field Communication event of the year (WIMA 2012) has just passed us by, so the wonderful world of NFC is definitely flavour of the month right now.

Many of you will be aware that we launched the Nokia 610 (Windows first NFC enabled phone) at WIMA 2012 last week, which we’re all extremely proud of. To celebrate the launch (and because we’re totally besotted with everything NFC at the moment) here are just a couple of incredible things you may not have known about the wireless magic that is NFC:

Have you used NFC yet? Do you have any questions about it? Don’t be afraid to ask us below or over at @Nokia_Connects