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April 17, 2012

Gear-tastic gallery

In one of the most extensive galleries we’ve seen on Nokia Connects for a while, Cj has unleashed his collection of Gear photos, collated all in one place.

He takes a look at (and at this point a list is the only way to go):

Nokia BH-310 bluetooth headset
Nokia Purity Stereo in-ear headphones
Nokia Purity HD Headphones
Nokia Essence
Nokia BH-111
….and (as all great lists should end) much, much more.

There’s no comments or reviews on any of the Gear (that has come before and Cj has plenty to say if you search his site), but the acres and acres of photographic wonder should suffice.

What can you spot that I didn’t mention earlier? Some great snaps in the gallery, and well worth taking a look if you’re thinking of getting involved in the ‘Gear-splosion’. Let us know your favourite piece of Gear on Twitter or in the comments below.