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Nokia Lumia 900 Lego dock - front facing

GLOBAL – The Nokia Lumia 900 is a fun piece of kit. And if you go for one of the bold colours like cyan, white or magenta, you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd. What if you want to go one step further and own a truly unique accessory to go with your new Nokia Lumia 900? You could build yourself a desktop stand made out or Lego, of course. It also incorporates a charger, by the way.

Baris Eris is no newbie when it comes to making things. Reading through his blog, we can see he’s built many things, both physical real world items and digital ones online with computer programs. There’s nothing he can’t do, it seems.

Most people use Lego for building towers, houses or if you’re good enough, fancy vehicles. But Baris thought of something a little more practical. He built a desktop stand that would house a Nokia Lumia 900, and it would also charge his phone, too.

Nokia Lumia 900 Lego dock - back
Nokia Lumia 900 Lego dock - charger

Using a pile of black bricks, Baris clicked them into place and built a stand where his cyan Nokia Lumia 900 would be able to stand on its side. The stand alone would be useful, but Baris has built the charging wire and plug into the stand. By sliding the smartphone into the stand on the right, the phone butts up against the charging plug and it’s connected and charging with ease.

Although, in order for the Nokia Lumia 900 to meet the charger perfectly, a tolerance of less than 1/10th millimeter is needed. This makes for a tricky build, but it’s worth it in the end.

The Lego dock for the Nokia Lumia 900 isn’t on sale and was created as a DIY project, but Baris hosts a file on his SkyDrive account that shows the parts you’ll need to create your very own. Check out the original blog post by Baris Eris for more details.

Are you a Lego fan? Fancy giving this a go for yourself? Let us know how you get on, we’d love to see your finished product.