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April 19, 2012

Lumia 900: It’s nice to share, with tethering


SUNNYVALE, CA, United States -The Nokia Lumia 900 is not only gorgeous and easy to use, it’s also Nokia’s first phone that utilizes AT&T’s super fast 4G LTE network, which is spreading like wildfire here in the United States.

It’s no joke that 4G LTE speeds are ridiculously fast! In my trials around the country on AT&T’s LTE network, I’m seeing speeds around 15-20 Mbps, which is just astonishing for a mobile broadband network. That’s roughly five to 10 times faster than what you’ll see with vanilla 3G phones.

Once you’ve had a taste LTE it’s hard to imagine how you ever got by without it, but the technology truly shines once you combine it with another brilliant feature of the Lumia 900; Internet sharing.

Also called tethering, Internet sharing allows you to turn your mobile phone in to a mobile wireless hotspot to which you can hook up all your other gear such as a laptop, a tablet or whatever gadget you need to get online. Exclusive the Nokia Lumia 900 right now, Nokia plans to add Internet sharing to other Lumia devices such as the Nokia Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 in the near future.

Internet sharing on Lumia 900 White

Internet sharing in and of itself is nothing new but with 3G you rarely get an online experience that even remotely resembles what you’re used to from home. With the 4G LTE network on AT&T, I don’t even bother with hotspots at coffee shops or hotels any more, because the connection speeds I achieve on my Lumia 900 surpass even the fastest connection a “free Wi-Fi” connection can offer.

Another interesting facet to utilizing Internet sharing on my Lumia 900 is the reaction to those who I share the connection with. Whether it’s a friend I happen to be with or a work colleague that needs to access the net to get her work done, they’re always amazed at the connection speeds they achieve while tethered to my phone.

What about you?

Would you share your Lumia 900’s Internet connection with a friend? What about a stranger in a coffee shop? Would you share with them, or have you already?

Photo credit: Lars Plougmann