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April 19, 2012

JockTalk Startup Looks to Boost Pro Athletes' Social Media Leverage

For the past couple years now, professional athletes have forgone their publicists and taken to Twitter and Facebook to talk to their fans directly to enhance their star power (or sometimes, get themselves into trouble). A new startup called JockTalk plans to take this idea and use it to generate revenue for athletes or for the charities of their choosing. Both athletes and fans will be able to create their own profiles (or integrate with Twitter) and be able to talk with one another, enhancing the Fan-Player relationship. There will also a built-in e-commerce platform that will allow athletes to hold fundraisers directly on the site. CEO Shawn Green, a former MLB All-star, said of the project, “Playing pro ball for 16 years, I have a lot of relationships with players and former players. Players are very excited and the feedback I’m getting is that there’s a need for this sort of thing and the biggest factor for them is what it could mean for their charitable work.”