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April 20, 2012

Nokia Asha 303 – 'stands out'

Never shy to bring you a phone review or two here at Nokia Connects, time to bring you one now from KA of Tech Prolonged on the Nokia Asha 303.

The review takes in all the usual suspects in terms of areas covered (build quality, display, camera, UI), but there’s a depth and a new take on some aspects of the phone that are worth taking note of. KA is coming from a position of never having used a ‘low-end’ S40 phone, and his impressions of things like emailing and the build quality are well worth paying attention to. In fact, why not serve up some of his thoughts for you right here?

‘I can easily say that it’s really capable of standing with the competition in its class’
‘It really should be on your top of the list’
Email, chat and social networking ‘is really appreciable’

There’s 5 pages of opinion to read, and all are highlighted well with photos and, where applicable, samples making it a great place to find out a true opinion of the Nokia Asha 303 from someone who hasn’t really spent any time with an S40 phone before.

Are you an Asha user? Does KA’s take match your experience? Let me know by leaving a comment, or sharing you views @Nokia_Connects.