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Nokia Lumia 900

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – The Nokia Lumia 900 is a very fast phone, for two good reasons.  First of all, the Lumia 900 is super powered from a hardware perspective and Windows Phone is a zippy operating system that simply flows from app to app. 

Also, because the Lumia 900 utilizes the uber-fast AT&T LTE network in the United States, Lumia 900 owners don’t have to wait when it comes to accessing their favorite web based applications and services. Whether it’s sending off huge emails with attachments or conducting a video conference from your phone, LTE will make you a happy web surfer.

For those who don’t know the skinny on LTE, the acronym stands for Long Term Evolution. In essence, LTE is the next generation of wireless data networks that will replace or augment existing HSPA networks here in the United States in the AT&T network.

LTE networks offer consumers a huge advantage because LTE delivers amazing network download speeds (capable of up to 75Mbps down) that are even way faster than your home-based broadband connection. In my experience on AT&T’s LTE network in Austin and Indianapolis, I routinely achieve download speeds of 18Mbps and upload speeds of around 5Mbps, which is stellar for a wireless data connection and much faster than I can achieve in a normal 3G network connection.

Apps to maximize LTE

Tango Video Calls

What might consumers utilize LTE for?  With such a fast, responsive network, the first app that comes to mind is Tango for video chats. Utilizing the wide angle front facing camera and LTE, video calls on Tango feature high quality video with no latency.

For an alternative to Tango, I utilized the Skype Beta for Windows Phone client to call long-time friend Matt Miller, of ZDNet, and we tested our Lumia 900s to conduct a 5 minute video call. The quality was great!

To further utilize the LTE work, I have been using SkyDrive to work with large files that would regularly be email attachments with my co-workers. No matter whether the file is a huge spreadsheet or a large PDF, downloading and working with the file is easy because of the Lumia 900’s huge screen and LTE speeds.

What speeds are you getting?

It’s time to weigh in, dear readers. What speeds are you achieving on your Lumia 900?  To test your mobile throughput in your location, I suggest utilizing Bandwidth, a free app available in the Marketplace.

Please let us know your city and state along with your speed test results below!