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April 22, 2012

Nokia 603 – 'awesomeness'

Jesse has a Nokia 603, and has shared what he thinks of the phone with his readers – and in turn I’m going to share them with you, the Nokia Connects faithful.

He shares the stats and specs, as one does, before listing what he likes and what doesn’t quite take his fancy. What’s interesting to note (and a great indication of what Jesse thinks of the phone) is the fact that the list of what the Nokia 603 ‘excels’ at far exceeds the points he thinks could be improved. Highlights of his ‘Likes’ include:

Nokia 603 has awesome visibility when you are under the direct sunlight
It is a budget phone, but it is also beautiful. Is it does not look cheap
The battery life is impressive

As for the improvements he suggests: just two – an LED flash and some more apps. Looks like he’s a fan, then. What do you think of his thoughts? Have you had a Nokia 603 in your hands? Let Jesse and I know in the comments, or @Nokia_Connects if you have something to say.