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April 22, 2012

The Big Debate: Which pocket?

Time once again for your Sunday morning injection of Nokia Connects Big Debate wonder – this week we’re going to find out where you keep your Nokia.

The Big Debate: Which pocket?

via twicepix

So, here’s the question: where does your Nokia sit when you are out and about? Gents – is it your front pocket with your keys and coins, your back pocket on its own, or do you have a special place for it? Ladies – does your Nokia rattle around in your handbag or purse or (like Mrs. Tom) do you have a protective cover for it?

Personally, I keep my Nokia N8 in my front left pocket with nothing else apart from a handkerchief (when needed – my Mum would be proud). This isn’t so much to protect it from scratches, more for aesthetic purposes. Anything else in there would fight for space and make unwieldy lumps. Also, it means I can whip my phone out easily when I need to without the fear of throwing loose change all over the floor.

Nokia N8 cover via Porta-charge (not bad for £7 – what price do you put on protection?)

As for keeping it in a case or cover in a purse, I can vouch second-hand that sometimes this can be a useful addition, keeping your precious phone from the vagaries of the handbag (just what goes on in there?) Most bags now have a pocket sewn into them specifically for holding your phone. Perfect. For just a few £/$/¥ you can purchase a cover to protect the pristine state of your Nokia – not just a gel protector, but a full on separate carrier.

So where do you stand on this? Front pocket on its own or in the bag/pocket with everything else and let it take its chances? The best way to let us know is to drop a comment below, or join the #NokiaDebate on Twitter.