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April 23, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900: getting the big picture



SUNNYVALE, CA, UNITED STATES – Nokia has quite a stunner on its hands with the Nokia Lumia 900. The phone comes well equipped in the hardware department with a whopping 4.3″ ClearBlack display, LTE data capability and that huge 1830 mAh battery.

However, for me, one of the most significant virtues of the Lumia 900 is the camera. You see, the on-board camera is not only an 8 megapixel powerhouse with Carl Zeiss lens, there’s another facet to the camera on the Lumia 900 that sets it apart. The Lumia 900 has the widest aperture at f2.2 and a wide-angle focal length of 28mm.

Unless you’re a serious photographer, those numbers might have gone over your head. In laymans terms, a high aperture lens will give you very nice images, even in low-light. And if you’ve ever taken a photo indoors on a regular point-and-shoot or mobile phone, you’re fully aware of the grainy images that result. Also, the front facing camera on the Lumia 900 is also wide-angle and has a large aperture, meaning video calls will be high quality.

The Lumia 900’s large aperture allows you to create amazing shots that resemble how your natural eye focuses on a subject then blurs the background. You have likely seen photos taken with a Digital SLR that have bokeh, that effect that shows parts of the seen that lie outside the depth of field. If you take manual control of the aperture on the Lumia 900, you can can create this effect on your phone, resulting in images similar to the one below:

Showing bokeh

I’ve used the Lumia 900 to conduct video calls and have taken advantage of the front facing, wide-angle camera. It’s especially nice when calling someone on Skype with my daughter accompanying me, because we can be side by side and the other party can see us both easily. It makes for a more comfortable video calling experience when you’re with another person.

Have you utilized the Lumia 900’s wide aperture camera capability? Post your photos! We want to see! 

Photo credit: VKKV and Alex