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April 23, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #16

Time again to delve into the depths of my inner psyche to see what’s been making me smile this week – with some, none or all of the links having been provided by my Nokia Connects colleagues.


I went there. I went there right off the bat. No warning. A photo of a bathroom. No easing you in with a cute dog or a funky house that fits in a matchbox.

So what do you think of the photo above? If you’re not thinking ‘Mario-inspired awesomeness’ then you’re not my friend anymore. Can’t help but think they missed a trick with the Game Over sign though. Surely it should have formed the toilet roll cover. Think about it.

Anyway, it was just one of a list of ‘nerdiest’ bathrooms, and there’s no denying it, I am a nerd. So I liked it, it made me smile. How about you?


With a passing nod to Joe (although I had to dig it out of his Facebook page, he didn’t think to forward it to me), I give you mini meals.

via My Modern Met

Kind of cool, right. Not that I’d ever eat one. That much food? No thanks, I have my svelte figure to think about.


This guy is my new hero. Except he could do with swapping his lab coat for a cape. For he used physics to fight not crime, not bad people doing bad things, but a traffic ticket. Yep, he got himself off a $400 fine by producing a four-page document (called, in a stroke of genius ‘The Proof of Innocence’) that describes exactly how the officer in question may have perceived that he did not make a complete stop at the Stop sign, despite what his eyes may have told him.

Well done, Sir.


As craft projects go, this one is a doozy (and apologies for the second reference to the Italian plumbing brothers, but I couldn’t resist this). Zachary Pollock earns his place in the MMSM Hall of Fame* by attempting to recreate the entire first level (Level 1-1 to the connoisseurs amongst us) of Super Mario Bros. using Lego.

via Engadget

There’s even a video to explain his pitch to Kickstarter investors.

For more Lego fun, see also the Star Wars Lego barrel organ.

*there is no Hall of Fame….yet.


Quick Grins

This almost happened. That is all.

A top 15 video game worlds conceptualized as planets? Yes please.

Rounding out a perfect Mario hat-trick, here’s how to play Mario Kart and not turn into a couch potato.


Your Grins

Last week’s comment from Fatimea made me smile – a diamond encrusted Nokia Lumia 900 for her birthday. Nice try, Fatimea 🙂

What was also interesting is the last time you used a floppy disk (with reference to the floppy disk art in last week’s MMSM):

Ernest Koncaba – ‘Then last time I used a 5.25 floppy disc was in 1987’
Lucas Wyrsch – ‘I guess in 1990 I used Floppy disks for the last time.’
Tom Laing – ‘I remember the last time I used a 5.25″ floppy disk 1996’

Seems some of you were a little further ahead than others…


So what’s tickled your fancy this week? There must have been one thing that you saw on the internet or was said to you by a child, or a gesture made for you unexpectedly by a significant other. Share them in the comments or on Twitter (#MakeMeSmileMonday), make me smile.