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April 25, 2012

Regional Spotlight: Germany

Germany’s capital of Berlin is world-famous for its uber-hip style, but the country has much more to offer than just its capital alone. Which is why this week’s Regional Spotlight on Nokia Connects is all about the cool things going on in Deutschland – close your eyes and you can almost smell the bratwurst!

via berlinique 

First of all, check out the awesome photo above, taken by Daniel with a Nokia Lumia 900 during a walking tour of Berlin’s Kreuzberg district (I know I said Germany wasn’t all about Berlin, but these photos are too cool not to mention!) I especially like Daniel’s use of different filters to get some really amazing images!

The Lumia 900 also went on a trip to TrendMafia, Berlin’s boutique designer market. The phone rubbed shoulders with some of Germany’s coolest designers, and even had its own hand-sewn case made for it! Check out the video to see more:


Spring has finally sprung across the world, and the Germans certainly have their own way of heralding in the new season in style. Frankfurt’s Spring Dippemess is a month-long celebration of Spring and is the largest folk festival in the Rhine-Main region, comprising a huge market, fairground attractions and culminating in a spectacular firework display.

via Frankfurt Tourist & Congress Board, Photo: Philipp von Saalfeld

But if flashing lights and fairground rides aren’t for you and you’re more of an art buff, then the 46th Edition of Art Cologne might be just the ticket! Held from April 18-22, Art Cologne is the world’s oldest modern art fair, bringing together galleries from over 20 different countries.


Finally, I want to draw your attention to this photo posted on the Nokia Deutschland Facebook page as part of a competition to win a Nokia Lumia 710. I just love the fact that the bride is checking her phone instead of talking to her husband – talk about burn!

Phew! That’s an awful lot of things happening in Germany, and I’m sure I’ve barely even grazed the tip of the iceberg of all the cool happenings across the country. If you want to see your country in the limelight here at Nokia Connects, then you know where to find me (and if you don’t, then leave me a comment below)!