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April 25, 2012

Through the homescreen

It’s midweek and has been raining awfully here in the UK over the last couple of days. Not to worry though, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun on Nokia Connects! We’ve devised a little game for your enjoyment so get your thinking / guessing caps on; it’s “Through the homescreen” time.

The object of the game is extremely simple. We’ve taken four lovely Nokia Fans from the Nokia Connects community and asked them to supply us with an image of themselves and the homescreen on their Nokia. Now all you folks have to do is guess which of the four screens belongs to which person, simple eh?

#1 A Symbian homescreen that gives little away as to who it belongs too, apart from the owner has Twitter and Facebook… hmm!

#2 Here’s a cool picture of a Nokia N9 mid-swipe, there’s definitely a clue in this one.

#3 Another Symbian home screen showing no events for 7 days! Oh dear, the owner must be a student?

#4 Finally a cyan Lumia 800 with a what looks like teal tiles… maybe you recognise somebody from the people hub tile?

Here we have our fans listed; Jason aka smashpop, Cristian the man behind techmobility, Kishan, one of the founding members of Nokia Tips and Andy, a Nokia enthusiast who’s love for mobile knows no bounds.

Who’s screen belongs to who? Have a well educated or completely random guess in the comments section by putting the name of the person followed by the homecreen, like this “Kishan #1”. Also make sure you click through to the full screen image for better view.