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April 27, 2012

Twitter list – your suggestions

Remember last week when I asked for you recommendations for ‘follows’ for your sources of Nokia news and opinion? Well, the response was incredible. We had over 40 different suggestions…here’s a few of them


By far the most recommended source for all things Nokia, Joao is based on the Iberian Peninsula and some of his over 4000 followers let me know that he was the man to follow.

‘100% recommend’
‘You want up to date news, he is the man!’
‘really only one person you need to follow’

Glowing recommendations there, nice one Joao!


Another top scorer, the guys at Nokia Innovation also received a lot of votes (it’s not an election, but, you know) both collectively and individually. The team is made up of several individuals – let’s call them the Nokia Innovation Collective – Lenny, Kevin, Erick, Jim, Steve, Art and Izzi. Follow them all!


A.K.A Richard, he garnered a lot of recommendation ‘love’, and I’d like to add to those. Especially (but not only) for his amazing pictures taken on all varieties of Nokia phones and looking like this:

via Richard’s amazing Flickr stream


Despite his hockey allegiances, I couldn’t ignore the voice of the people, so Mike makes this list. Not just for Nokia news either, but also ‘tips and tricks to make your Nokia use more pleasurable and exciting’. Oh, and he happens to be the founder of the Mobile Fanatics network. Add him to your list.


Randall makes this little round-up for nominating himself (not the only one to do so, but the first). Also for being oft-mentioned and for being the ‘Nokia Developer Champion from the USA’.

For the other recommendations – far too many to mention here – we’ve made a Twitter list so you don’t have to. We’re good like that here @Nokia_Connects.