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April 28, 2012

App report: Plex, curling, new apps

Our weekly look here at Nokia Connects at the latest news and reviews from the world of apps – the stuff behind the icons that keeps your phone busy all day.

A few items to bring you this week – first up Ewan has been taking a relaxing look at Curling3D on All About Windows Phone. As he rightly points out, curling is not a quick sport (believe me, now I have live televised curling on TV at least once a week I can testify to that!), but the app is designed in such a way that you can take a break from the game. Ewan is a fan of the implementation of on screen controls (as opposed to a ‘gimmicky’ use of the accelerometer), and reckons the graphics are ‘impressive’. There’s more, including Ewan’s verdict on the app, so have a read and maybe try something a little more laid back for your app this week.

Time now to introduce to you a new friend of Nokia Connects, a gent who I can foresee appearing fairly regularly in this particular segment in the near future. It’s Antonio from Room280, with his 1st episode of a Windows Phone apps series:

Interesting to me, apart from his great take on a couple of apps, is that he says if you don’t have a Windows Phone (he’s holding a Nokia Lumia), you don’t have ‘it’. Enough said.

Finally for today, a story that came to my attention via our friends at Nokia Conversations. The interview with the developers of Plex talks about how their app (which allows you to stream content from you computer to your phone wherever you are to your TV or smartphone) fits perfectly with the Windows Phone platform. There’s talk of the aesthetic that Windows Phone gives to apps, and also about how simple it was to develop. Read the whole interview to find out why.

Got any apps you’d like to see next week? Any reviews that you’ve watched or read that would fit here? Let us know in the comments section, or on Twitter using #NCAppReport.