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April 29, 2012

3D photos with the Nokia N8

So…you have a Nokia N8, and you win a contest to trial a Nokia N8 for a while. What do you do? Why this, of course.

via Philip’s blog

Philip Kaskela, a proud Texan, came up with an ingenious way to utilise the cameras of the two phones – a simple frame construction and a whole lot of creativity – to produce some really quite special photos.

via Philip’s flickr pages

His post details the journey that he took from having two N8s in his hand through having the idea, planning and constructing the frame and then snapping…and videoing….in 3D (going by his credo of ‘the best way to learn is to just try’). So, reach for your 3D glasses (we all have them lying around the house) and take a look at his awesome photos. The staircase works best for me, but I have heard the statue also works well for others. Imagine what this will look like with a pair of Nokia 808 PureViews – Philip is waiting ‘impatiently’.

What do you think of this piece of creativity? Would you have had the spark to come up with this? I sure wouldn’t….so let us know in the comments (or @Nokia_Connects) if you have any ideas that you’d like to give a try if only you had an extra phone.