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April 30, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #17

It’s that time again, folks. If you’re of a miserable persuasion, one of the ‘Bah, humbug!’ crowd, look away now. If you’re keen to crack a smile, read on as Nokia Connects does its best to exercise those cheek muscles. There’s lots to bring you this week, so I’ll get cracking.

via smartplanet

Not content with building a full hotel in 15 days (as featured in an earlier MMSM), the latest harebrained scheme in China is to build a hotel underground. Not so great for the views, I hear you cry. But this hotel will be in a disused quarry, so there will be plenty of views, complete with lakes, waterfalls and a theme park. The visualisation looks kind of cool, as do the other futuristic mock-ups in the rest of the post. As to whether I’ll visit? Unlikely, but the endless optimism makes me smile.


This is one to get the Geeks of the World excited. I’ve had to take a five minute time out before writing this just to calm down a little. Boffins have invented Dr. Who’s Sonic Screwdriver!!!!

Well, almost. But it’s a start, right? Bring on the future. Not sure I can wait until the progress has been made to make the actual wonder tool a reality. I want one now (to go with my actual light sabre). Not only that, but there’s also a Ghostbusters Proton Pack replica knocking around. Want! Now! They make me smile!


Now one to warm your heart, it certainly made me smile. Annie Clark, aged 7, wins a handwriting award. She has no hands.


via MyModernMet

Stand back and squint a bit, and you’ll see an iconic image. It’s almost like a Magic Eye poster, but it’s actually a whole bunch of Pantone colour swatches artfully arranged to create Nirvana’s Nevermind album cover. There are more pictures in the same vein, all rendered the same way by David Marsh and all very much worthy of your time, and they sure made me smile.


If you haven’t seen these insanely musically talented German kids yet, you’re missing a treat. A real treat. The memories of me scratching through my violin came flooding back. Makes me smile.


Quick Grins

Three person chess board. That is all.

This table changes from a rectangle to a circle. Watch the video. Just don’t bank on putting anything down on it.

Just because I’ve never included one before, here’s a video of a dog being vacuumed. Go figure.


Your Grins

Good news from Mitch Labuda. His rescue dogs had a breakthrough last week. Good work.

Emma Geraln – anyone who gets inspiration from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory deserves a mention here. Especially as he’s two.

Cute animal stories always make people smile. Thanks to Hemant Desai for this one.

And thanks to Steve for the weekly Lego mention.

There we have it. Quite an epic this week, so thanks for persevering and making it this far. Award yourself a badge. And then let me know in the comments what’s been entertaining you this week. Or, if you like, hit me up on Twitter with the tag #MakeMeSmileMonday.