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Abby in Wonderland

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – As the parent of young children, I’m fully aware of the power of Sesame Street with my kids. Sesame Street provides entertainment with characters my five year-old knows and loves. Also, the educational basis of the content sets it apart from other young children’s entertainment options.

As my daughters are constantly reaching for (and fighting over) my Nokia Lumia 900, and they typically navigate to the games such as Fruit Ninja. It’s nice to have engaging educational apps installed on my device too.

Color Carnival

We already have seen Sesame titles hit the Lumia line including the Nokia exclusive “100th Day of School” and Learning to Read with Elmo, and now Nokia is proud to announce an extension of our partnership with Sesame Workshop with the addition of three more learning games.

The three new titles are “Abby in Wonderland,” “Big Block Party” and “Color Carnival”. Aimed at pre-school kids, the games will help build early reading skills, color recognition, recipes and problem-solving. The apps feature fill screen illustrations and musical fun to help early readers have fun while learning new skills.

Big Block Party

The books include optional narration with read-along text that highlights each word to aid understanding and to help young readers follow along with the reading. Also, Elmo leads the way with questions and comments about each page in the story.

We’re excited to bring the additional Sesame Workshop apps in the Marketplace.

If you have young kids, check out the apps and let us know how they like them in the comments below!

image creditNina Yasmine