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May 1, 2012

How Geniuses Think

For years, scientists have tried to uncover exactly what makes a genius a genius. Many with astonishingly high IQ’s have done little to contribute to science or math or art, whereas others with merely higher than average IQ’s have revolutionized their respective disciplines. Creativity does not imply intelligence, nor the other way around. Genius is neither wholly creative nor purely based on intelligence, but rather something more abstract: reproductive vs. productive thinking. Non-geniuses tend think reproductively; when we encounter a problem we draw from a well of past experience and education to arrive at a single answer. On the other hand, geniuses tend to think productively, seeing each problem in a myriad of ways, and coming up with multiple solutions. Check out this fascinating article for examples of these different approaches, and measures you can take to help you think more like a genius: