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May 3, 2012

New Found Network hires youth to create meaning

It’s the wish of many communication and marketing grads to score a position with a company that allows them to jump straight into creative work. But to be able to work on a creative project with meaning and purpose? That’s a dream for most, but for those lucky enough to score a position at New Found Network’s Creative Factory, it’s an enviable reality.

New Found Network is a media company based in Toronto, Canada that hires youth and pairs them with purpose-driven clients — like nonprofits — who could benefit highly from their work. This not only makes the world a better place by giving these organizations incredible websites and exposure at a cost-effective rate, but it also helps the ambitious youth to gain digital literacy, real life work experience and get a taste for what it’s like to make a positive impact.

“As creative factory content producers, participating youth feel the power of enterprise, the confidence in new knowledge and know how, the excitement of real projects for real clients and the pride in building a focused employment or educational plan for their future,” the website explains.

New Found Network employs skilled youth in content creation, including complex projects like the creation of online public service announcement videos. Youth also have the opportunity to work on projects like the Reclamation Project in Toronto, which New Found Networks calls the largest mural in North America, as well as work with clients like the Canadian Disabilty Hall of Fame and Youth Innovate Toronto.

“We see a generation of digitally literate youth ready for their next big opportunity and empowered to action their next big idea with confidence and ability,” New Found Network explains. “We see a host of clients embracing digital media and effectively using our applications to drive powerful, promotional campaigns.”

New Found Network just connects the dots.

New Found Networks explains the Toronto mural project: "This mural will incorporate artists of different urban styles, community volunteers and local arts organizations in efforts to create a historical installation that represents and preserves Toronto’s street art scene in its current state. New Found Network is proudly project managing the efforts and producing the full length documentary to include creative youth producers, story tellers and film makers from Toronto and beyond."

As a journalism and communications grad working in digital media, I think this is an incredible opportunity for anyone in a similar industry who is in their first few years of their career. It’s challenging for new grads to gain experience building “real” campaigns, and the opportunity to work with for-purpose organizations can offer an additional level of fulfillment.

The services (and therefore the training) offered by New Found Network include photography, film and video production, web design, interface design, motion graphics, digital presentations and content strategy and consultation.

In addition, they teach youth about financial literacy, entrepreneurship and project management, including direction on how to manage projects and clients. As a result, New Found Network not only benefits nonprofits requiring cost-effective campaigns, but it also arms youth with applicable digital media skills they can apply as they continue to build their careers.

What type of training that delivers real-world results do you wish had been available to you when you were a youth?