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May 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800 – 'an organic phone'

Calvin has been spending time with the Nokia Lumia 800 (a fetching magenta one at that) and as well as some awesome snaps he’s created his initial impressions post (a Nokia Connects favourite).

As with a lot of first impressions posts, there’s thoughts on the design, the camera and the very first turning on of the phone. It’s quite a detailed look for a first showing, so let’s dive in. To make sense of the quote in the title, Calvin reckons that the ‘industrial’ design of the hardware meets the metro design, making it an organic match.

Other notable highlights from his post:

  • ‘overall design gives the user a premium feel’
  • ‘First feature I love the most is the 2-3 seconds pressing shutter to active the camera app’
  • ‘Yeah!!! Panorama feature!!!!!’

And, of course, there’s the unboxing video to enjoy:

So, what do you think of what Calvin has to say about the Nokia Lumia 800? Have you discovered anything that you could pass on to him as he continues to explore the phone? Let us know on Twitter and we’ll pass it on. Or leave a comment which we’re sure he’ll be reading…