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SkyDrive On Lumia900 White

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – The svelte Nokia Lumia 900, although only 0.45-inches thick, still manages to pack in a whopping 16 gigs of internal storage, which is enough to permanently store an impressive range of apps, photos, music and videos.

But that’s only the beginning.

Thanks to the rapid emergence of cloud storage services and media streaming portals, you’ll never be short of something to watch, read, play or listen to on your Nokia Lumia 710 or 900 smartphone. With fast 4G and LTE connections, you never have to worry about syncing your data and content ever again.

Here are ten apps and services that’ll bring unlimited media to your phone, at a cost of just of 18 megabytes of precious storage space and a little mobile data.

Microsoft offers 7GB of free cloud storage, through the recently revamped SkyDrive service, to all Windows Phone users. The app stores photos, files and books and more without keeping them native to the device. If 7GB still isn’t enough, you can subscribe to more space, up to 100GB in fact. 
Download size: 3 megabytes

As well as providing access to millions of tracks over Wi-Fi, 3G/ and 4G, Spotify also offers a neat offline mode for those desperate scenarios when there’s *gulp* no internet. Rather than cramming in your entire MP3 collection, it’s easy to sync a particular playlist to the Lumia 900 on any given day, taking up a fraction of the storage space and preserving vital mobile data.
Download size: 1 megabyte

Netflix on Lumia

The expansive collection of movies and TV shows within the beautifully envisioned Netflix app for Windows Phone almost negates the need to store those 1GB+ HD movie files (Save for those essentials, like Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey). Streaming is permitted over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.
Download size 2.5 megabytes

The official Flickr app for Windows Phone brings the best photos you’ve ever taken, in high resolution, directly your handset while only putting a 1MB dent in your 16GB storage. Your Photostream can be accessed with one tap, by pinning an icon to the Windows Phone homescreen.
Download size: 1 megabyte

An absolute revelation on every platform to date, iHeartRadio comes to Windows Phone with an all-new, tailor made interface, bringing instant access to 800 radio stations from over 150 US cities. It provides an unlimited wealth of new and old music, and allows you to curate custom stations based on your favorite artists. Best of all, it’s completely free.
Download size: 3.7 megabytes

BoxFiles for Dropbox
If the 16GB of physical storage on the Lumia 900 and the 25GB extra up for grabs through SkyDrive STILL isn’t enough to sate your media addiction, BoxFiles offers access to all files stored within your Dropbox account, bringing more cross-platform storage and integration with SkyDrive. You can pin Dropbox folders to your homescreen.
Download size: 2.4 megabytes

Kindle on Lumia

Amazon Kindle
Why take up precious storage on your handset when Amazon is willing to let you store your entire digital bookshelf (up to 750,000 books) on its servers. The Metro-style app, allows you to browse all books and purchased titles for download whenever you need. The neat WhisperSync feature saves your pages if you’re reading across numerous devices. 
Download size: 1 megabyte

If this quirkily alternative to mainstream music stores is your portal of choice, then it’ll prove a space-saving hero on your Lumia 900. The app brings 18 million songs directly to your Windows Phone, but more importantly, in this case, streams all purchased music over the cloud.
Download size: 1 megabyte

The critically-acclaimed news aggregator comes to Windows Phone to relieve your Lumia 900’s hard-drive from hosting 100 apps from all of your favorite news sources. Pulse brings in feeds from a huge array of online news sites, blogs and social networks, creating a beautiful collage.
Download size: 1 megabyte

For many of us creatures of habit, most data still resides on our home computer. But that’s not a problem (chronic hard-drive failure and the loss of 10 years of work, photos and memories aside), because Tonido streams all of the music and movies available on your local hard drive, embracing a number of file formats without downloading conversion software.
Download size: <1 megabyte